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The Beam+ mobile telepresence robot is the right solution for very small enterprises and individuals.

Remote communications with that extra human touch

Are you looking for a telepresence solution for a domestic environment or an individual office? Designed by Suitable Technologies and distributed by Awabot, Beam+ is the robot you need. Capable of functioning for two hours without recharging and benefiting from reduced administrative effort, it is perfect for everyday or occasional use by a limited number of users.

robot de téléprésence mobile pour particuliers - beam+
robot de téléprésence mobile pour particuliers avec Beam+

Technical characteristics of the mobile telepresence robot for private individuals and very small enterprises

Two 640 x 480 HDR cameras: wide viewing angle, digital zoom x2

LCD screen: 10-inch

4 microphones: 3 on front, 1 on back

Dimensions: height 1.35 m, width 32 cm, length 41.7 cm

Weight: 17,7 kg

2 h without recharging for every 2 hours’ charging time

For further technical information on the Beam+ telepresence robot, read the comparison sheet below.

An affordable, elegant mobile videoconferencing solution

Invite a friend, family member or customer to drop in for a little virtual visit using the Beam+ mobile telepresence robot!

Starting up the robot couldn’t be simpler. Its rapid installation and intuitive operation permit everyday connections that bring a more human touch to your business meetings (small organisations) and private conversations (house or apartment).

The robot is controlled using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi or 4G.

robot de téléprésence mobile pour particuliers - beam+

Another solution… Beam+Max!

The robot of reference among telepresence robots for service environments

Beam + use case


Beam + use case

Hospitalised student