During this age of digital transformation, it is important to introduce digital tools in teaching establishments in order to permit remote access to courses and classes, in particular for hospitalised students and, of course, geographically isolated students.

Staying in touch: a priority for the success of remote students

During the course of their school careers, students may experience situations that prevent them from attending and that may even cause them to drop out from school. In effect, such situations are due:

  • in most cases, to an accident, an illness, a fear of the school environment, etc.
  • sometimes, to their geographical remoteness that would require them to travel long distances.

BEAM: regain mobility and stay in touch

It is vital for school establishments to provide students in situations that prevent them from attending with solutions that not only prevent their isolation but also promote continuity of education in the calmest and most comfortable way possible.

Compared to a conventional videoconferencing system, BEAM makes it possible not only to communicate and collaborate remotely (used by the teaching staff, in particular) but also, and most importantly, to stay in touch thanks to the solutions ability to move around.

BEAM: recovering mobility to keep the social connection

Robot de téléprésence pour suivre les cours à distance

In effect, when connected to the BEAM application via a computer or tablet, users can not only interact with their remote counterparts but can also move around independently at remote locations thanks to the solution’s extremely simple controls.

In this way, students can attend their classes from their remote location as if they were really present, then leave the classroom freely to enjoy an enjoyable moment with their friends, during breaks between classes, for example.

BEAM is an innovative teaching tool at the service of the connected school.

Connected to the BEAM application via a computer or tablet, the user can not only interact with his remote interlocutors, but also move autonomously within the space itself, controlling the device very simply.

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A video conferencing system to interact
A mobile base remotely controllable from the BEAM application

"The Beam robots enabled two students to attend classes that they could not participate in physically (one was in Paris and the other in the USA!). They were able to follow the sessions and take part in group activities without any difficulty!"

Caroline MERIAUX, Project Manager Digital Learning, HEC paris

“I received a lot of sympathy and support while I was using BEAM.
When I think back to that period, I have the feeling that I was actually physically present at school, as if I had actually been there in the classroom.”

Étudiante en 2ème année du programme I.D.E.A


The perfect solution for remote class attendance: Beam

Beam is THE current solution of reference among telepresence robots for service environments.

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