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A mobile telepresence solution tailored to your activity

The telepresence robot designed for highly frequented and/or noisy spaces.

Robust enough to steer its way through very large and/or very highly frequented locations in perfect safety. Large enough to embody the user like no other videoconferencing solution. A sophisticated audio/video system for comfortable, free-flowing interactions, even in noisy environments. Eight hours without charging for day-long operation. BeamPro: the high-performance mobile telepresence robot.

robot de téléprésence BeamPro

BeamPro:crafted to be your embodiment!

robot de téléprésence caractéristiques
Base mobile roulant jusqu’à 5 km/h
Caméra grand angle HDR
Station de chargement
Caméra de navigation HDR
Châssis en métal
Six microphones

Stability: the robot weighs 50 kg (height 1.58 m, width 38 cm, length 63.5 cm);

Operation without recharging: BeamPro can operate for eight hours without recharging;

Mobility: with a maximum speed of 3 km/h, the robot moves fast enough for users to be able to accompany their contacts easily in a hall in a conference centre, for example;

Parking assistance system: the user can trigger the automatic parking system to cause the robot to return to its charging station by itself;

Management of the Wi-Fi or 4G connection: 2 wifi cards for roaming and 1 USB port for connecting a 4G key;

Content sharing: users can share any static or dynamic content present on their computers;

For further technical information on the BeamPro telepresence robot, read the comparison sheet below.

A genuine experience of teleportation and immersion

A 17-inch screen with a wide field of view and 3-level digital zoom. A set of anti-echo microphones equipped with noise reducers. The audio and video performance of the BeamPro mobile telepresence solution takes you very close to being immersed in reality, in particular in tough environments that are very large, highly frequented or noisy.

An elegant profile

BeamPro is characterised by a discreet, reserved appearance in order to put the spotlight on the connected user. The aim: to make sure that the human is in the foreground, not the machine. The unfussy design allows users to make the tool their own and customise it if they wish.

Intuitive configuration and handling

It is an extremely easy task to install and commission the BeamPro robot. Its handling is also extremely self-evident in order to encourage everyday use and natural integration among users: the robot is controlled via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone connected via Wi-Fi or 4G.

BEAM Management and Administration Platform

The robot management platform is hosted by Suitable Technologies, the designer of the BEAM solution, with the result that all BEAM robots worldwide are mutually compatible. In particular, this platform permits users to send invitations and set up their accounts and is used to create user groups and manage temporary accesses and administration permissions for the robot.
robot de téléprésence BeamPro

Would you like to test the BeamPro telepresence robot?

The acquisition of a technological innovation, however beneficial it is for your activity, must be well thought through and justified. That is why we are inviting you to contact the Awabot team and, after just a few minutes, to take over the controls of our BeamPro telepresence solution: control, test and view for yourself the possibilities of the market's most convincing high-definition, telepresence solution free of charge!

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BeamPro use case

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