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The Beam

Elegance. Performance. The reference.

Telepresence robots for service environments

A restrained, discreet design to move around unobtrusively in work spaces such as offices, classrooms or places of innovation. Dimensions designed to permit seated or standing discussions. Eight hours without charging for day-long operation. Sophisticated functionalities for face-to-face collaboration and communication. This is Beam, the new generation in videoconferencing: more mobile, more agile, more human.  

robot de téléprésence mobile pour particuliers - beam+

Beam: a reliable solution!

Installing and starting up the Beam robot couldn’t be simpler. Its handling is also extremely self-evident in order to encourage everyday use and natural integration among users: the robot is controlled via a computer, a tablet or smartphone connected via Wi-Fi or 4G.

Détail Beam+max
Charging station
HDR navigation camera
HDR viewing camera
Base mobile pouvant aller jusqu’à 5 km/h
Facilement transportable
Alimentation électrique standard
  • 4 microphones with noise cancellation system and automatic volume control;
  • 2 wide-angle cameras with zoom system: the main camera and the navigation camera are located below the screen: both possess an X1 digital zoom. The cameras are equipped with HDR technology (High Dynamic Range). This technology improves image quality and prevents backlighting effects;
  • Content sharing: users can share any static or dynamic content present on their computers;
  • Parking assistance system: once the meeting is over, the user can trigger the automatic parking system to once the meeting is over, the user can trigger the automatic parking system to cause the robot to return to its charging station by itself;
  • Management of the Wi-Fi or 4G connection: if the site at which the robot is located is equipped with Wi-Fi (even partially), the system can connect to this thanks to its two Wi-Fi cards which permit software control of the transitions between Wi-Fi hotspots without any interruption to the video transmission (technology patented by Suitable Technologies). The robot can also be connected via 4G.

For further technical information on the Beam+Max telepresence robot, read the comparison sheet below.

Download the Comparison Sheet

With a maximum speed of 3 km/h, Beam moves fast enough for users to be able to accompany their contacts along the corridors of an office building, for example. The user controls the robot’s movements precisely thanks to the guide lines visible in the BEAM application screen. The wheel size makes it possible to negotiate changes of level of approximately two centimetres, corresponding to a door sill, for example.

Management and administration
The robot management platform provides for the sending of invitations and the creation of user accounts, the creation of user groups, the management of temporary access and administration rights of the robot. It also offers many ways to visualize the activity of robots and users

The robot weighs 17.7 kg (height 1.35 m, width 32 cm, length 41.7 cm), meaning that it remains stable even though it can also be carried easily by a single person. Because the centre of gravity is very low, the robot can be tilted by up to 45° in all directions without toppling over.

Beam+Max can operate for 8 hours without being recharged. The full charging time required for this 8-hour period of autonomy is 6 hours.

Test Beam free of charge !

Test the Beam free of charge in the company of our sales team and take advantage of the experience to ask all your questions concerning the BEAM telepresence solutions.

Ask for a demonstration
robot de téléprésence BeamPro

Another solution… the BeamPro!

The robust, reliable telepresence robot designed for highly frequented and/or noisy spaces.

Beam use case

Remote collaboration

Beam use case

Connected school